Krista Franklin

My work emerges at the intersection of poetics, pop culture, and the dynamic histories of the African Diaspora. The Fantastic, the surreal, mythmaking, Black portraiture, and the collective conscious are conceptual preoccupations of my work. Black ritual, the metaphysical and the Black nostalgic are core concerns in my practice. The forms take shape in collage, hand papermaking, installation, writing, altered bookmaking and performance. I often appropriate image and text as political gesture; to chisel away at narratives historically inscribed on women and people of color, and forge imaginative spaces for radical possibilities and visions. I orchestrate the collision of past, present and future, and mine historical and fictional memory for artistic content.

The collective and collaborative are also central to my work. I cultivate artistic community with fellow artists, writers and scholars. This materializes in a diversity of projects from sonic/music collaborations to bookmaking, exhibitions, and salons that are committed to the development of ideas and concepts. It’s a vital practice and continuous undercurrent that fosters creative liberation, reflection, scholarship, and artistic communion.

© Krista Franklin